JANUARY 20, 2019 – Percipient.ai’s Founder & CEO, Balan Ayyar, emphasizes the importance for National Security Agencies to adopt AI for assisting human analysts in interpreting the exponentially growing flood of data generated by the billions of connected devices in use worldwide.

In the WashingtonExec article, Ayyar calls out the recognized crisis in national security that is driving adoption of AI. Our well-trained analysts are overwhelmed by the torrent of incoming data and need to be able to review it at scale. In Ayyar’s words, “the goal of AI is not to create a sentient machine – such an accomplishment is not even on the horizon – but to help human analysts sift through the giant piles of data that grow larger every day so they can do what they do best: determine what is relevant and act on it.”

There is mounting concern that our adversaries are already starting to use AI in nefarious ways. Ayyar calls out that “we’re at a Sputnik-like moment”, and encourages both the private sector and the government to step up.

Click here to read the full article by Jeff Kinney on the WashingtonExec website.